We have found the secret to a healthy marriage. Let’s hear the story of Tom Selleck who’s been married for over 30 years now…

When thinking about the 80s, Tom Selleck is not someone who we can forget about. It was his role in the “Magnum P.I.” that made him very famous and loved by the audience.

The people when think about 80s can never forget about Tom, but the younger generation who don’t know about the series “Magnum P.I.” know him as Monica’s boyfriend, Dr. Richard Burke, in “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” or from TV series “Blue Bloods” as Commissioner Frank Reagan. He is although a very successful actor but with that he also knows when to take a break and be with his family, which is his secret to a long-lasting healthy marriage.

People thought Tom was a gay, until in 1987, he and Jillie Joan Mack married and birthed two beautiful daughters together.

Tom at the age of 38 met with Jillie. Jillie was an actress in “Cats” at that time, while Tom was a divorcee. He on his very first sight was defeated by Jillie, so he always went to see her play.

Tom Selleck always told Jane Seymour how amazing the movie “Cats” was and how she didn’t realize how good it felt to go there all the time.

Later on, Tom Selleck and Jillie Joan went on a date and both fell in love. She moved to Hawaii where “Magnum P.I.” was shot. They got married in 1987, and still are together to the date.

They currently live in a ranch, where they moved in 1988, and where their firstborn was born. Tom knows how to keep professional and personal lives separate, so the couple was able to raise their daughter without constant spotlight. Their daughter Hannah, is a 31-year-old professional equestrian. When Hannah was 10, he said the couple didn’t make any decisions without first consulting each other.


Tom said that if one of us makes a decision about Hannah, the other parent accepts it, even if they do not totally agree with it.

In the Hidden Valley, Tom and Hannah have opened a stable breeding boutique. Tom and Hannah run the boutique with passion, because he likes the idea of breading baby horses, and she is very passionate about horses. They want to prove a point that in states, horses can be produced and bred.


When Tom is not working, or even spending time with his family, he stays at ranch and does rounds.

Tom is a very lucky person because he can separate between professional and personal. He can manage time between both work and family. That’s why, he is successful both in career and marriage. And that is the secret of his 30 years of healthy marriage life.



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