Helping over 100 migrants stranded at sea later Richard Gere summoned to court.

We have never been warned for offering kindness can sometimes put us into trouble not just that doing good is what makes the world revolve.

Similar is the example of great actor Richard Gere but no matter what, he never forbads the change he admires to see in the world.


Turning to Buddhism years ago, and even met the highest spiritual leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama, spoke of the encounter as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Now, the two are close friends, but Gere can never forget his Hioliness that he met he first time.


“We started out with a little small talk, and then he said, ‘Oh, so you’re an actor?’” the Pretty Woman star recalled.


His interest and love it all started when he decided not to follow his prepared speech during the Academy Awards ceremony in 1993 but used the occasion to protest against China’s occupation of Tibet and its “horrendous, horrendous human rights situation.”

The Academy Award’s producer,

Gil Cates, swore to ban the actor from any future Oscar broadcasts.

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Gere, he however, didn’t care. He believed speaking his mind was more precious than all.

Gere missed a huge number of roles in successful movies knowing how huge of a market the Chinese TV industry is,

only because the Chinese banned him every project he was part of.

“There are definitely movies that I can’t be in because the Chinese will say, ‘Not with him,’” Gere explained.

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“I recently had an episode where someone said they could not finance a film with me because it would upset the Chinese.”

Gere found himself as the center of attention again, in 2019 because he tried helping migrants that were stuck at see. It was found out that on vacation with his family he cane to know about more than 100 migrants on board had been left stranded because Italy’s right-leaning Lega party leader, Matteo Salvinien, forbid the ship to disembark, leaving the migrants without food or water for days.

Gere and his son went there for helping the migrants and the actor’s efforts didn’t prevent him from providing food for the scared and confused people.

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Speaking of the event and how he angered the Italian government, Gere told The Guardian:

“We saw more than a hundred people on board. I felt ashamed that we have so much and are not able to embrace these fellow human beings, our brothers and sisters who were starving, traumatized.

“If they were told the boat was going back to Libya, they would jump in the water and drown themselves, and I felt it was our responsibility to bring as much light as we could.”

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Eventually, the migrants got the permission to step foot on the soil of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Now Gere is about to confront court to tell what had really happened to detain the migrants at sea.”

Whether we like his acting or not, we all agree to the fact that Richard Gere is one of the few souls who is ready to put everything on stake for those who need his help.

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