Narrative of Lizzie Velásquez’s life

Talking about physical approval or one’s self-esteem, individuals have their own hardships that they go through.

Whenever you need inspiration always remember Lizzie Velásquez from Austin, Texas.

Being born with rare genetic condition affecting her appearance by stopping her from gaining weight.

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Even though the disturbance one gets from surroundings can be dealt but it was strong Lizzie determined of not being depressed or bothered by them. Coming on the way of being an amazing motivational speaker.

Just for the sake of imagination if we are being abused and named as the ugliest woman/man in whole world only at minor age of 16. people using the most derogatory phrases about you it’ll obviously tear one apart with her emotional and sentimental feelings.

Facebook / Lizzie Velásquez

This is exactly what awful reality is and happened to Lizzie Velásquez’s. All her childhood life she was not given peace which might have easily shattered her but she remained even stronger than that.

She was a human with positive soul and turned all the pessimistic happenings into optimistic life. That enables her inspiring tale to be shared with the world for being so strong.

This pretty lady was born on March 13, 1989 in Austin, Texas.

Weighing barely 2 pounds and 11 ounces when born, and remained different from other kids in the hospital from the moment of her birth.

Getting courage and confidence from her parents, who told her, ‘There’s nothing wrong with you; you’re just smaller than the other kids.’ ‘You are gorgeous and intelligent, and you can do anything.’

We solute to such heavenly creatures on earth with love and devotion.

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