77 years old grandmother pays visit at an ATM when being approached by 3 men, robbers. Immediately they realize of how they have persued wrong individual

Its never been a good idea of indulging the elderly through such means. Such robbers who meant to act so learned of not even going near any elderly ever. This incident also taught lessons to many.

A normal day goes many just like this grandma, Winifred Peel 77 years age. She was out on a walk when decided to stop near an ATM. She came in touch with these 3 gangsters that is Florin Geblescu, Piper Dumitru, and Felix Stoica. They had amazing plan before encountering this old lady and realized of them messing up with a wrong individual.

After withdrawl the lady came to know about them not waiting in line but instead waiting to attack and rob her, these their being there for the money she had.

She realized them as planning was before when she caught them following her from the time she had gotten out of the bank.

She didn’t mean to be made victim by these youngsters instead this strong lady grabbed one of them by the collar and banged him on the ATM using all her strength and zest.

The robbers were arrested, charged and are behind bars.

Fortunately this fierced lady wasn’t hurt instead she is scared of being attacked again.

Because of being a regular gym visitor in her 70s, she got out of that situation smoothly.

Another time if one thinks of an elderly soul to be an easy target think and analyze.

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