Baby that was diagnosed with Oligohydramnios gets an angry face at birth

Calling pregnancy a blessing and knowing that people try for years to have one baby while others manage to have a baby pretty soon. This is a hidden blessing being unpredictable.

Hollie Walls wasn’t expecting to be pregnant, because if being told by doctors to having fertility issues but still it had to happen and so the miracle happened. Having had to surgeries in past for removing a large mass from uterus she was scared of never being able to become a mother.


Eventhough had 2 kids from her first marriage she expected a baby together with her second husband to be born.

She was amazed when got to know about the two lines on the pregnancy test, later after number of tests that she went through and can out to be negative. Didn’t believe the test to be correct because of being told of not being able to conceive naturally.

Also not to dissappoint her husband she didn’t inform him first.


Surprisingly, Hollie’s tests, pregnancy and her ultrasound went smooth and perfect.

She said her due date came and went, and in week 41 she went to the doctor for a consultation to see if everything was okay because it looked like the baby didn’t want to come on his own.


At 41th week after consulting dictor for checkup because it seemed as if the baby didn’t want to come down on its own. The doctor did an ultrasound just for making sure everything was okay but evident from the doctor’s face that something was not okay. The doctor beacuse of not finding any amniotic fluid made Hollie really very scared.

She was diagnosed with Oligohydramnios.


Eventhough the baby looked very healthy in ultrasound, and her heart beat properly, so she was told for giving birth in the next 3 days.

The day before delivery when she got to the hospital, everyone asked her about the pregnancy and soon several doctors arrived at Hollie’s room.

The heart rate of baby was dropping and then accelerating, so c-section was needed.

Even she was told of having a baby with a damaged brain because if all this. But at last, her little girl was born and made Hollie so happy and named her Winter Josephine.


Also told about being completely in love with Winter, couldn’t do anything but laughed due to the thought of Winter looking very angry. Even all said the same thing.

Hollie was glad that Winter seemed very nice and was glad she’s a healthy and loved baby.



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