Terrified Dog Was So Happy To See Rescuers After He Was Abandoned During Hurricane

People weren’t the only ones affected by the recent effects of Hurricane Florence. The flooding was so extreme in Lumberton, North Carolina, and many were forced to evacuate their homes, causing many people to leave behind their “best friends”. I myself couldn’t even begin to imagine leaving my fur baby behind during the horrendous weather that ravished the lives of many.

This poor pup was trapped on its owner’s front porch, and the water was continuing to rise. You can see in the video how terrified this dog is pacing back and forth. Animals, especially dogs have loving hearts, and a strong will to live.  Luckily for this sweet male dog, he was spotted by PETA and was rescued on Monday, September 17th. Upon the rescuers approaching the dog, you can sense how scared and frightened he is.

As the rescuers talked calmly to the dog while approaching him, you see his tail begin to “wag” as he felt an extreme sense of relief that someone cared enough to come to save him from the water in which he was surrounded. After love and a trusting bond was shared between animal and human, he was taken to an emergency staging area for rescued animals. Shortly thereafter this loving dog was taken to a shelter where he was quickly adopted and now has been placed in a loving home.

Not enough recognition is given to PETA and what these rescuers do to ensure the safety of all animals as they are placed in danger. Much praise goes out to these rescuers, all lives matter!

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