Stanley, Adorable Little Pup Has Loving Conversation With “Mom” While At Work

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how they can quickly and easily resemble humans. It is all in the way they act, they sure are pretty ingenious! Dogs relate to us in many ways. One way for sure is when they need or desire something; they know which owner to approach first for best results for a special treat, or even a belly rub.

Just like with us humans, when we are growing as children, and even as adults, we tend to favor one parent over the other, not that we like one better than the other, but we get better results, or feel they are more understanding of our needs and desires. Some of us may favor our dads, while others may be closer to their moms.

Animals are full of life, they have feelings and even have the cutest expressions during happiness and even exhibit stress under certain conditions, and typically they will go to the owner they feel most comfortable with to get reassurance all is well.

This video of Stanly, an adorable Airedale Terrier is the perfect example; he needed to express his feelings to his “momma” why she was at work. Technology is amazing these days, and the things they have come up with to stay in touch and check up on our fur babies is by far rocket science! With the tap of his paw, he is able to call his mom, Jennifer and have this delightful conversation with her. He eagerly stares into the phone screen; you can see the excitement in his eyes! Stanley obviously favors his mom; he is for sure a “Mommas Boy!”

When Jennifer engages with Stanley in conversation, he is full of words, if only we could understand him! It is by far the cutest video clip I have seen all day!  Jennifer continues to speak with Stanley and says “I love you” to him, and for sure it sounds like he says it right back! You can truly see the love between these two, and that Stanley is missing his mom!

This went on for some time, Jennifer tried to cheer her little pooch up, but there was nothing she could do! So her best bet was to say her goodbyes and see ya after work! Stanley wasn’t having that either, it’s almost as if he is saying get home now, I miss you! This sure is funny, and if you are a pet owner or lover, you’ll just adore this!

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