Prepare Your Hair For The Summer : 3 DIY Hair Masks

Hair is a very important feature that we need to take care of if we want to look beautiful. There are a lot of ways to nourish our hair. It needs special care during the summer heat. These 3 hair masks are perfect for your hair during the summer days:

Yogurt, honey and egg mask:  Eggs reduce hair loss and strengthen hair follicles while yogurt acts as a natural conditioner. Honey moisturizes the hair and nourishes the damaged hair.

This is the procedure for preparing the mask:

First, beat one egg and then add 2 teaspoons of honey and 6 tablespoons of yogurt. Apply the mask gently on your hair and let it stay for 20 minutes. Then wash it off using a mild shampoo.

Banana and avocado hair mask:

This hair mask is great for hydrating. It rejuvenates dry, dull and frizzy hair. How to prepare it?

Blend one-half of ripe avocado and 2 ripe bananas until the mixture is nice and smooth. Massage this mixture into your hair from the root to the tip. Leave it on your hair for 15 minutes and then wash with mild shampoo. The only disadvantage to this mask is that you will need a lot of time to remove pieces of banana from your hair.



Egg, beer, castor oil, and honey mask:

This is a great rejuvenating hair mask. You need 1 tablespoon of beer, 1 tablespoon castor oil, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 egg yolk. Mix them and apply the mask from root to tip. You need to cover your head with a shower cap and then wrap with a towel. After 30 minutes rinse with cool water. You can do a final rinse using apple cider vinegar for voluminous and lustrous hair.




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