Man captures the soul of blind elephant with a piano serenade.

It was a compilation of Chopin, Bach, Schubert, and Satie that Paul Barton chose to play on his piano.

His audience of one was a female elephant named Lam Duan, which means “tree with yellow flowers.”  Lam Duan had been

through some rough times in her life and had become blind quite some time ago.  Paul Barton spent time soothing her with his

playing of classical music on his piano.

Paul and Lam Duan stroll out from a tropical jungle setting.  It had tall green grass and tropical plants with enormous leaves on them.

The ground was covered with vegetation and the dirt looked so earthy I wish I could have smelled its richness.  It was here,

in the most unlikely of places, that a solid black piano and a piano stool sat looking incredibly out of place.

Paul walked to the stool and sat in front of the piano.  Lam Duan walked to the piano and stood in front of it, waiting for the show to begin.

As Paul started striking the keys, calmness overtook Lam Duan.  She stood still initially and let her eyes drift shut.  As the music continued,

everything about her relaxed and you could almost see the peace of her soul on her face.

As the music played on, Lam Duan started swaying back and forth, slowly in a self-soothing fashion. The swaying motion reminded me of a

mother that stands up, swaying back and forth trying to rock her baby to sleep. She was placid and beautiful and content.

The piano playing lifted the spirits of this beautiful creature whose life had been anything but pleasant.  This swaying action is only

found in animals that have been held in captivity previously and were mistreated.  My heart squeezes for this kind creature and her love for music.

Lam Duan will now be able to live her life out in this sanctuary.  The piano player, Paul Barton, serenades Lam Duan and brings her comfort and peace.

They are a blessing to each other in their love for music.

ch mehmood


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