Lydia Sings to her Little Brother with Down Syndrome; It’s an Adorable Scene to Watch

The love of siblings is undeniable. Siblings bond together and create a pact of love and their bond is forever strong. Lydia is such an amazing big sister to her little brother Bo. Lydia has a love for music and she shares her talents with Bo, which brings their bond even closer; after all music is the language of love.

Their Mother left Lydia to care for 25-month-old Bo while she took a quick shower. Their Mom was quickly delighted to hear these two getting along so well while they were singing “You are my sunshine” together. According to their Mom, she explained that Bo was born with Down Syndrome and only has a 12-word vocabulary, and all the words that he has learned have come from music and singing. This goes to show what music can do for people, especially for little Bo.

In watching the short video, you will surely find joy in these two singing together and just look how adorable Bo is while he sings along with his sister. His sister has the sweetest little voice and Bo joins right in with her, knowing exactly what words come next.

Bo truly is blessed with a big sister who takes time with his little brother to teach him the sweet things in life, sharing her joy of music and she is an excellent role model for a younger brother. These two have such an amazing bond that will last forever, the sisters love and patience is truly immeasurable.

Amanda, the children’s mother explains this song “You are my sunshine” plays a huge role in their lives. They played this song while Bo was recovering from heart surgery, and has become their theme song. Music influences the lives of so many, every song has a story to tell. For the two siblings singing this song together, from their hearts surely radiates love to all who see this precious video.

Regardless of your disability, everyone is deserving of a good life filled with love. Lydia and Bo use music to express their love to one another, and they always brighten up each others day through their love of music and their strong sibling bond.

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