8 Things Men Want in a Woman

Dating can be a confusing part of one’s life. The problem seems to be in understanding exactly what it is that the other person is looking for. Men have a different set of standards that point them in the direction of a partner than women do. Understanding these differences can be monumental in attracting the man you want, without changing who you already are. Let’s break this down a bitThe Exact 8 Things Every Man Really Wants In A Woman.

Attraction Counts

Being an attractive woman holds a different meaning for every man on the planet. The attraction is NOT about looking like a model.  Attraction comes in all heights, weights, eye color, skin color, and everything else that makes us human. What attracts one man will mean nothing to another. The point here is to make the most out of what you have. Self-love will pay off for attracting a partner. Caring about yourself, how you look, how you present yourself, it all counts on the attraction scale. Dress in clothes that you find flattering and take care of your physical being. Feeling the confidence of self-love can be the most attractive asset a woman has. Practice self love daily and intensely

Sharing Passion

All men have a subject that sets their soul on fire and they want to be able to share it with someone. You’ll be able to tell right away where his passion lies. It will be the subject that lights him up like a Christmas tree. He’ll want to go on and on about it and what he’s looking for from you is a listener that understands and wants to hear all about it. Find out the details of his passion, where it came from, where he wants it to go. You’ll have a hard time getting him to be quiet when you discover this secret delight.


Listen to Him

Men need an avid listener to share their secrets and passions. If you aren’t really interested in sitting and listening, you will lose his interest quickly. Watch how two men have a discussion. One man is talking and the other one sits and listens to each an every word that is spoken. There isn’t a lot of nodding or verbal confirmations given by the listener. He simply sits and listens until the other man is done expressing himself. Learn how to listen with a focus that would make anyone feel like a rockstar.

Shared Goals and Dreams

Connecting with anyone is done through things you both have in common. The difference of sharing with a friend and sharing with a partner is that a partner needs to be able to see a future with you. If you have goals and dreams that point in the same direction, the path you both want to take will be similar. Traveling the road to your goals and dreams while having someone else go with you can be a dream all on its own. Sharing dreams and goals goes both ways, if he doesn’t have the same ones as you, your path will most likely reach a fork in the road at some point in the future.

Your Goals and Dreams

As I stated above, goals and dreams go both ways. You can’t worry about what his are without including your own. Men want to share these things with a partner but they also want a woman with autonomy, they don’t want a clone of themselves. Share your goals and dreams openly. Be yourself and be proud of what you think and the ideas you have. Any man worth having will want you to have your own style, your own dream, and certainly your own goals.


Love should be something that flows easily for you both. I’m not saying there won’t be any disagreements, but I am saying that differences shouldn’t be the biggest part of your relationship. Walking on eggshells to prevent upsetting your partner will make you a nervous wreck and will eventually end the relationship. Having the same ideals, morals, goals, and likes are important to have a smooth day to day existence. Partners will never agree on everything, but agreeing on most things is imperative to a successful union.


And here we are at the topic we’ve all been waiting for, sex. This is an important part of a relationship, huge even. Every man will want a woman they can have great sex with. Often times sex is used as a weapon when a woman is mad. Withdrawing sex from a man is a big mistake. If you’re mad, put aside your emotions to meet your man’s physical needs. You can go back to fighting afterwards. This may sound wrong to many of you reading this but look at it differently. Men have testosterone which makes their desire for sex an actual need. Other important needs are eating, sleeping, and hydrating. You wouldn’t prevent your partner from these just because you’re mad, would you?

Don’t be an Ogre

People, in general, are attracted to other people that have a great vibe. That person in the crowded room that has the biggest smile, the one who looks happy, that’s attractive. If that person is you during the day but when you get home it changes, take a good look in the mirror. Being understanding of your partner’s problems, hearing about the bad day they had, or just being there for them when they need you is important and a great quality to have. If you turn into an ogre, complaining, angry, and upset every time you are with your partner, it will grow old in no time at all. Do not show your worst behavior to your partner all the time. Understanding can only go so far. If you’re unhappy with yourself or your life, make plans that will help to change that. Nobody enjoys having an ogre for their partner.


In conclusion, there are many things that men want in a partner, but as we break down a man’s needs and desires, we actually see that the best thing we can do is to practice self-love. Share your ideas, your dreams and goals. Take good care of yourself and take care of the things that make you unhappy. Be a listener, a good sex partner, and make sure that you don’t give up yourself for anyone. The best person you can be is you and the best partner is genuine and authentic.


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  • August 28, 2019 at 4:41 am

    Thanks for the info… I find all these qualities in myself … Now that I have found my Mr. Right!! Do you know how many frogs I’ve kissed to find this Prince?!?! LOL


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